JSE endorses improved data quality

Mike realised there existed a niche in the data vendor market space, so set about creating a new category of data feed, one which did not sell anything other than data subscriptions and offered a high level of responsiveness, one so focused on providing what the investor needed, that he placed this person (you) in the first part of the company name.

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InvestorData started 1996 to overcome data quality issues

July 1996 InvestorData, set apart from other data feeds, started distributing JSE data, with a large uptake from subscribers who had experienced software support previously from Mike and wanted the same support level for their data feed. Subscribers finally had a choice and they exercised it. (Thanks to all the shoddy data vendors)

InvestorData has provided data for the following systems since 1996
If the system you have in mind is not on the list, then contact us with the details of your system, and we’ll see how we can help. Exceptions to this would be local systems where the authors lock you into their data feed, ensuring an expensive exercise to switch. The fact that they feel the need to do this must serve as a warning sign !

During the first few months, subscribers would call to challenge InvestorData on differences between our data and their previous data vendor, and when we investigated we found InvestorData had distributed the correct data. Soon InvestorData was asked to make the same data available in other formats, so the subscriber could have consistency between their multiple programs in both name and chart formation. This allowed a range of charts from diverse systems to be superimposed, allowing unified assessment of multiple trade signals. Of course the subscriber only paid for one format and received the other formats at no extra charge, except for the once-of historical data purchase. Subscribers often asked why this had not been done before, to their benefit.
Some other benefits noted by subscribers
  • When a data issue is resolved, it is corrected for all subscribers across all formats, ensuring your database is consistently accurate so you benefit from a virtual watchdog consisting of your fellow subscribers.
  • Should you have a data-related issue, you can refer to a list of problems with associated solutions written in simple steps, so you can overcome issues without having to make a support call during office-hours, but InvestorData will happily deal with an issue not on the list and add it once overcome.
  • Emails are checked frequently after-hours, so private investors invariably have their problem solved when its most needed allowing the private investor to be ready for when the market opens the next day.
Impacting the market place
  • Cadiz was awarded management of a large portfolio when InvestorData showed why InvestorData sourced data was correct, proving the prospective customer data feed wrong
  • Since 2003, Standard Bank online trading customers who completed the technical analysis course, have been referred to InvestorData for their data needs when the JSE confirmed to Standard Bank that if they were after the best quality EOD data for their customers, there was only one choice - InvestorData.
  • Richard Cluver Investment Services initially appointed two data vendors for their ShareFinder range of software, today Richard will personally advise that there is indeed only one feed you deal with.
  • Over the years a stream of subscriber notes of appreciation on our data quality and responsiveness to their issues have been received.
What does this all mean to you?
It means you can subscribe to InvestorData for your data needs with peace-of-mind backed up by unsolicited user experience and comments that your investment decisions are being made on the best quality data available in the market.

Should you experience a problem, you can refer to the
problem and solution database, meaning you do not have to call InvestorData, although InvestorData will happily deal with an issue not on the list and add it once resolved. Very useful when in different timezones.
What makes InvestorData different?
what makes us different04
We are often asked what makes us different.

What makes InvestorData seem to be the missing piece of the puzzle that gives investors peace of mind and improved confidence in their trading?

Perhaps best that we begin with what appears to make us the same - we all provide end-of-day data to customers who have purchased a program for analysing the stock market, in exchange for a monthly subscription, and that's where it ends.

Astute observers will note that we stated what APPEARS to make us the same. The statement above does not say that InvestorData only deals in confirmed end-of-day data whilst other data feeds tend to distribute unconfirmed prices. Very important if you are serious about investing your after-tax money. After all, would you invest cash for a five year term if the bank manager gave you an interest rate that was not the official rate, backed by the bank?

going the extra mile02
So why does InvestorData go the extra mile?

Simply because there are no others on that journey, which allows InvestorData to be in niche market !

Here are some of the steps taken by InvestorData.

InvestorData remains focused on providing confirmed end-of-day data only, not unconfirmed data as many vendors provide
  • Unconfirmed EOD data is available before 19h00 each trading day, whilst confirmed EOD data is only available closer to 20h00 each trading day
  • InvestorData will not diversify to all sorts of ancillary activities with a view to taking as much money from each customer possible
  • Live prices, training courses, newsletter advisories, even share trading all serve to dilute the attention of a data vendor

InvestorData empathises with subscribers having problems
  • InvestorData will respond to an emailed query, and even answer the phone if someone is still in the office after-hours
  • Try to call any other data vendor on a Sunday afternoon, or at 22h00 during the week.
  • How will their lack of a response be of any value to you when you need to overcome an issue so you can assess the market, with a view to trading the next morning.

InvestorData appreciates that subscribers can have more than one system requiring price data
  • InvestorData seeks to offer a wide range of formats to cater for those with multiple system so that they have price consistency between their systems
  • This allows charts and trading signals to be printed and superimposed to gain a unique perspective on the market
  • How will you do that when you have to buy different formats from different data vendors and then find price differences between them

InvestorData knows that subscribers have different levels of technical skills
  • InvestorData does not rely on a battery of cheap support people following a script to solve your problem
  • InvestorData has software developers who handle your call and thus are acutely aware of the need to fix your issue promptly
  • This does mean that you may need to have a computer support person assist if the problem is not related to price data

Our commitment is to make the journey as smooth as possible for our subscribers as we know that the only reason they are our customer is that they are investing in the stock market. We will do everything possible to aid their activity and to minimise aggravation.

InvestorData shows dedication towards subscribers, and with such dedicated focus, it is understandable why subscribers churn from other data feeds to InvestorData over time, they MADE THEIR MOVE, and with improved quality data as the foundation for their trading decisions, they are better positioned to improve trading performance !

Now that you are aware of the type of issues you can encounter when buying software and signing up for a data feed, or you are smiling at recalling the above when you bought your software and signed up for your data feed, proceed to finding out about the
people behind InvestorData.

Perhaps you are a returning subscriber, or a friend has given you the heads-up on dealing with InvestorData so wish to
request a subform.