How to improve your investment performance.
(Learn why data quality impacts your investments)

Improving your investment performance is made easier by looking at charts, for a picture is worth a 1,000 words.

There is little point running your eyes over reams of share price data for you will not be able to see trends beneficial to you. The only practical solution is to draw charts of this data for then you can clearly see where a price is trending - up, down, or sideways.

Seeing this trend enables you to make an informed buy / sell / hold decision. The inescapable conclusion is that you must purchase a charting program.

Which program you buy relates to what your friends use, and / or whichever company may have cold-called you touting their wares.

Since a picture is worth a 1,000 words, we tend to focus on the software without thought of what share data it needs and the quality of the data.

The software presentation is invariably done in your home and is prepared and rehearsed in a manner to show you shares that have made returns using the softwares capabilities, usually capabilities only offered by the package on demo. The presentation is designed and rehearsed to perfection to maximize the opportunity for a sale, nothing else, so there is a high likely-hood that you will purchase during the presentation, and a data subscription form will be slipped in to be signed in the normal course of closing the deal ... without you knowing what data you should be getting and the quality of that data. The sales pays a high commission to the salesperson and they are not likely to leave without closing the deal, maybe even spending hours with you.

The software salesperson is a predator and is stalking your money

Just like a predator about to go for the kill, when we are presented with such an arranged opportunity, our brains switch off and we follow our instincts which is to go for the kill, in this case, to buy the software.  The difference is that a predator is killing to fulfill a need to survive, whilst we are not.  Our greed overshadows rational thinking, and the salesperson knows full well our innate desire to get as much as possible for as little as possible.  Whilst we sign up believing we have got a superb deal, you must understand that the salesperson has also just made a kill and your hard earned cash was the prey. The salesperson will have made a handsome kill and you will have purchased software that has yet to prove its value.

Price is what you pay, value is what you get

The words of Warren Buffet, and you know the price you have disbursed but will only find the value you got in the coming months when you reap a reward, or the package sits gathering dust on the shelf.

The reward will only come after you have put a good deal of effort learning the system and waited patiently trying various methods to identify buy and sell opportunities. They are not easy to find, otherwise the salesperson would not have wasted time selling you a system that they would have used making themselves a fortune on the market.

So the real price of the software is not just monies disbursed, but time you have to spend learning the system and trying to identify opportunities to make a positive return. You are essentially using the software, rather than a broker, for investment advice.
BUYER BEWARE ! (if you have yet to buy software)
Beware of being setup by the salesperson !

Local software developers who provide a data feed for their software claiming a one-stop purchase will ensure you are locked into their data feed to maximise their revenue from you, and for you to switch data feeds will entail buying a new program ... a costly exercise you will find.
Beware of overpaying for software !

If the software you are interested in comes from an overseas supplier, it is highly likely that the salesperson doing the demo will have imported the software using their credit card, inflate the price based on your interest level, and claim to be the appointed agent.

In the age of the Internet, you can buy the software direct from the publishers website with your credit card saving some 30% to 50% even allowing for a courier to deliver. SARS will charge VAT regardless of whether you or the salesperson import the software.

Do not be fooled by claims that you will receive local support, that salesperson does not make money doing support so you will be referred to the overseas website support section at your cost, either waiting for replies to your email due to timezone differences or incurring international call costs.
Beware of being sold ineffective software !

Do not be suckered by those who tout systems for many tens of thousands claiming this will make you an assured return, even offering 10% refund if you do not. They still get to keep 90% of the money when you find out it does not work.

In these instances always ask the salesperson that if the return is assured / so great, why the system is being sold rather than the developer enriching themselves with it.

If the salesperson persists with their claim, then ask how much the salesperson has invested and what return they have experienced.

Once they have answered, ask to see their broker notes proving their claim, and even their receipt from SARS for the tax on their gains.

At this point, they usually pack up and leave, realising that you're onto their game. You have just saved a small fortune.

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